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Awards and Recognition

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“The AAASE team has been wonderful to work with. Projects were launched without delay. We look forward to working with your team to identify new projects. “

The Gold Pentastar recognizes the top one percent of DaimlerChrysler suppliers for consistently meeting rigorous goals in product quality, delivery, warranty, cost savings and customer support. For the 1998 model year the automaker raised the standard for the award, requiring suppliers to achieve manufacturing quality at or better than a rate of 50 parts per million defects.


“On behalf of myself and Caterpillar, I would like to thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you have shown over the past few months on the Motor Grader Case Issues. Your team has performed in a very professional manner and shown an exceptional sense of urgency. Thank you for all that you do. “


  • Department of Defense awards AAASE "Patriotic Employer" status for support of the Guard and Reserve.